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The beach at the Bioenergy resort Salinera - the venue of NKH Europe 2022


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The training will start in March 2023. The dates of all 4 classes are:


  • Class 1: March 10-12, 2023
  • Class 2: June 9-11, 2023
  • Class 3: September 8-10,  2023
  • Class 4: December 8-10, 2023


The location is Hotel Medno near Ljubljana.


The training starts with forming an intimate and supportive community.


In year one, we immerse ourselves in the understanding that relationship is the fundamental condition of this universe. We learn to engage with questions around the nature of life and death, and reclaim our kinesthetic sense, our natural ability to be awake in our bodies. We will touch and challenge our beliefs about life and reality by deconstructing the historical wounding of our childhood, cultural beliefs, and patterns that keep us locked in separation, including our relationship to time and space and to the unknown. This year is full of meditations, exercises and practices.


In year two we meet the Tree of Life, which is a living, dynamic description of the relational matrix of opposites in the ongoing, ever-present unfolding of creation. The Four Universes and the Tree of Life reveal to us the nature of reality as finite and infinite, holographic and linear, and by so doing, reveals our human destiny. We also now begin to go deeply into the Nondual Kabbalistic Healings themselves and discover the importance of healing the ego instead of getting rid of it.


Year three of the training is profoundly exciting and healing. Students begin to integrate various aspects of the first two years’ teachings into a new dynamic whole. They are guided into using this foundational understanding to explore the world of healing and awakening in deeper and more fundamental ways. A main focus of Year Three is learning the Diagnostic Process of NKH as well as 8 more healings. The Diagnostic Process is an exquisite healing process in and of itself, bringing the healer and the client into ever deepening levels of relationship and intimacy.


In the last year of training, we learn an original moving meditation practice called Impersonal Movement™ (or IM™) and the advanced healings of NKH. This year focuses on setting up the conditions for us to be able to live and work from the unitive or nondual state of consciousness (i.e., a place of greater wholeness) and brings us a direct experience of our fundamental nature as a separate and yet ever connected being.

Whether you are a healer or a therapist, or just interested in personal transformation, by joining the Nondual Kabbalistic Healing class in Europe, you will begin a spiritual path of becoming whole by returning to the nature of who you are. Nondual Kabbalistic Healing is about creating a dynamic relationship with reality while being more fully grounded in life. Through a nondual perspective that includes separateness and relationship (as opposed to separateness only) we enter the space of utter kindness towards ourselves – with all of our imperfections – and to extend this kindness to others, and to the world. Understanding that the ego can be healed and is an inseparable part of our existence changes our perception of reality. Knowing that our perception of ourselves and of the world is not the whole of reality—and discovering that we were born to be all of who we are—is liberating and healing by itself.

The beach at Bioenergy resort Salinera

Nondual Kabbalistic Healing® (NKH®) is the most in-depth training offered by A Society of Souls, encompassing four years of classes and a palette of 15 healings. The curriculum weaves together the ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah with Buddhist thought, the insights of quantum physics, a Western psychological understanding of the human condition, and the teachings of nonduality, into a deeply transformative healing modality. The work of NKH descends to the essential levels of creation.

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