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We plan to start a new NKH class in spring 2023 in Slovenia.

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New NKH Training

In Year Four, we make a shift into direct experience of the impersonal and then into three healings which are seated at the interface between the personal and the transcendent. The practice of IM increases our understanding of the unitive state and sets up the relationship for us to be able to engage in the advanced healings.

Now the personal ego self finds it is no longer the center of the world. We learn to engage with and accept that we will always be a work in progress. Our personal work never ends. It is an ongoing part of being human. 

We come into the understanding that our life is a process, an ongoing journey of revelation, healing and awakening. The work that we have been doing throughout the four years now reveals itself as the healing path it has always been. Now, we can take up full self-responsibility for the process of our unfolding, in relationship to all of life, including our happiness and an ongoing relationship to God, wholeness, reality. Now we can live into what we’ve always been, a human being whose true nature is compassionate action.

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10 August 2021

NKH - Year Four

The work of Year Four begins the work of uniting our personal self with the transcendent or impersonal aspect of reality.

In this year, we learn an original moving meditative practice called Impersonal Movement or IM and the advanced healings of NKH. This year focuses on setting up the conditions for us to be able to live and work from the unitive or nondual state of consciousness and brings us a direct experience of our fundamental nature, which is the union of the personal and the impersonal.

Years One through Three are designed to bring us deeply in touch with the personal and with the territory of the unhealed ego. The unhealed ego has its ground in our individual stories and, most particularly, in that which still lies unresolved within us: the places where we do not feel at peace, where we are still in conflict around the pain of our personal lives, the unfolding of our own journey and our relationships with ourselves, others and the world.

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